HotYoga Teaching Training

 Life is not about finding yourself, Life is about creating yourself …. 

and here you are taking that first step.


You’ve spend countless hours on your mat trying to ‘perfect‘ a pose and in the process you discovered more than just the pose but a hidden passion for the art of yoga and an even bigger passion: Teaching the art of Yoga ! And we will be there guiding you every step of the way as you journey towards becoming a certified yoga teacher.







HotYogaMalta first opened it’s doors on April 5th 2014 as the only HotYogaStudio in Malta offering solely 90min Bikram inspired HotYoga classes. Four years down the line through hard work, passion and dedication, we opened our second location to accommodate a larger community and offering a wider variety of classes. We have now decided to share our passion and knowledge with aspiring yoga teachers by leading Teacher Training Courses solely for HotYoga.


Trainings will be held in our newly opened studio in Mosta equipped with a customized heating system, providing the appropriate conditions to practice teaching in a hot studio and led by HotYogaMalta founder and training co-ordinator Ritianne Richardson.



About Our Yoga Teacher Training Course (TTC) 


Yoga is 99 percent practice and one percent theory.’’…..Mysore Ashtanga Yoga Guru, Sri Pattabhi Jois.


And that is what we will bring to you during your training. While covering philosophy, anatomy and the science behind each posture, a great deal of emphasis will be directed towards teaching practice so as by the end of the course you will be trained to teach the 90min HotYoga set sequence offered at HotYogaMalta which is a blend of Bikram and Ashtanga yoga.

The key for a successful yoga teaching training is preparation which is why we require all students to take a short exam on Functional Anatomy before attending the course so as to be able to understand the physiological benefits of each asana and 90min set sequence as whole.

HotYogaMalta is a Yoga Alliance Certified School of Yoga, and upon successful completion of our Teacher Training Course (TTC), you will have the opportunity to pursue a global career as an RYT200 (Registered Yoga Teacher).



Teaching Training Course Breakdown


Topic of Study


Asana and Pranayama


Anatomy & Physiology


Teaching/Teaching Practice


Philosophy, Yogic Lifestyle


Home / Personal Study






Benefits of training at HotYogaMalta

  • Small groups of 14 people.
  • Pre-attendance exam for an effective and successful training program.
  • Able to teach a full 90min Hot Yoga set sequence.
  • Updated syllabus and content. 
  • Enhance and challenge your own practice.
  • Additional CPR and First Aid Training.
  • Assisting with Social media Marketing.


 What to expect during your 200hr TTYC

Throughout the course we will dedicate a good portion of the time learning how to teach a 90min HotYoga class using HotYogaMalta’s set sequence and learn the basic skills needed to teach a safe yet challenging yoga class….. 


Finding your own voice: Understanding the importance of your voice while teaching and how intonation and articulation can immensely affect the energy of the room and students.
Relying on verbal cues to lead a class, but be able to demonstrate any of the poses when needed. A dialogue will be provided to teach the 90min sequence, not mandatory to use but will be available to assist you with your verbal instructions.
Assess the room: Once entering and commencing a class learn to ‘feel’ the room and predict who might need modifications.
Be prepared for anything! No matter how much we might prepare before teaching a class, still, we sometimes find ourselves dealing with some odd situations and the key is to handle any situation with the least disruption to a class.



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Let the journey begin ….