Annual Sailing + Yoga Retreats

Spend a week sailing, stretching, and sightseeing in Malta, Gozo and Comino

July 8-14 and August 5-11, 2017




Sail Away on this Yoga Adventure...

For a second year in a row, HotYogaMalta will be hosting a yoga retreat that literally and figuratively causes yogis to float away into the blue abyss. Over the course of seven days and six nights, attendees are challenged and delighted in a variety of sailing, sightseeing, and yoga activities. While the exact schedule is flexible, subject to Mother Earth's choice of wind and sea conditions, attendees are guaranteed to a daily yoga practice at Malta's most special, striking, and scenic locations. They'll also receive a daily workshop in a variety of other practices, like Stand-Up Paddle Board Yoga (SUP Yoga), Photography, meditation, singing bowls, and whatever else floats our way! The final emphasis of the retreat is, obviously, on sailing. Throuhgout the course of the week our smiling skipper will teach the sailing fundamentals, building up to the final days when the group steers our own sailboat to it's top gears. To keep us from becoming total mer-folk, we'll also take a walking tour of one of the oldest Goddess Worship temples in the world, Hagar Qim. Of course, we'll channel our inner Goddess practicing a deep yoga flow thereafter.



…and Sail Away on this Relaxing Holiday

While it's true that the Sailing + Yoga Retreat is a more action-packed retreat than, say, laying on the beach in Costa Rica, we are strong proponents of the ancient practice of stillness. We choose to sail because it brings us closer to the earth, wind, air, and, if we take time to feel it, our own fire. We know that ether is what unites all worldly and heavenly beings, and it is only when we're focused, relaxed, and at-peace that we can truly sense the human interaction with the elements and each other. That's why we make sure to provide plenty of time for soaking up sun on the boat, getting your feet sandy on secluded beaches, and interacting with other retreat attendees. After year one we marvelled at how much brighter, browner, and brainier our yogis were. We aim to recreate this deep, luxurious relaxation in year two!


 Your Instructors



Emily Stewart, BASEDtraveler Bodies

While she always knew that she loved to practice yoga in challenging outdoor situations, Emily never knew how utterly devoted she was to what she's deemed "dirty yoga" until the Sailing + Yoga Retreat 2016. Emily adores finding innovative spaces to practice in where she can incorporate her wide knowledge of fitness and yoga principles. She specializes in teaching to the situation and delights in finding the most creative and powerful spaces. Roman salt baths, the edges of sceneic viewpoints, and perched on piers are all locations in Emily's retreat repertoire.

Emily is founder of BASEDtraveler Bodies, a yoga-meets-journalism website that connects yoga and fitness practitioners around the world. Emily studied yoga for five months at the Sivananda Vedanta Ashram in Maduria, India, and at their rural retreat house in Tamil Nadu. She then certified with the National Academy of Sports Medicine in the USA. Today she teaches yoga, Pilates, cardio-based interval training, and anything else that is requested!


Ritianne Richardson, HotYoga Malta

Malta’s own Ritianne is the owner and operator of Hot Yoga Malta, Malta’s own boutique Hot Yoga studio. Her training in both Hot Yoga and traditional Ashtanga Yoga in India gives her not only a solid foundation as a teacher, but a varied and in depth understanding of both traditional and modern yoga.

Her fusion style now is both energizing and focused. Her cues keep you on your toes while sequencing is creative and unique.

Being a local Ritianne will use her local knowledge and contacts to get us the best food, the best secret beach spots, and the best deals with everything from local wines to shopping to parking spots and more.



Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm new to yoga or sailing?     

As we are strong believers that ‘no two bodies are alike,’ postures will be adjusted depending on body types and physical limitations just by offering various variations that can then be incorporated into your yoga practice outside the retreat. We love teaching any yogi at any level. Seasoned yogis will tell you that "back to basics" classes are the best way to re-connect with their alignment, and new yogis love to learn from watching others. At the 2016 we had a brand new yogi. He managed halasana on a SUP board by the end! With a small number of yogis, each yoga class will be approached as a private session, classes and variations tailored to your level. Whether you have been practicing for years or just stepping on the mat for the first time, each class will take you deeper into your practice. Our vision is to work towards getting the most benefits from a pose rather the working towards the ‘ideal posture ‘ allowing us to confront our limitations while embracing our newly found strengths and capabilities.

This is the perfect opportunity for those new to sailing to learn the basics in a light-hearted, low-intensity way. With the ability to ask as many questions of our friendly skipper as you can think of, then test the answers with your own hands, it's a friendly way to become accustomed to a boat. We'll never sail more than a half-day non-stop, so you wont find yourself rocking-and-rolling for days on-end. Sitting at the front of the boat while your yogis sail it behind you is such a treat!

What will I be eating? What if I have unique dietary requirements?

Eating delicious and nutritious foods is one of the best parts of the retreat! Each morning you'll receive a lovely spread of fruits, cereals/ porridge, breads, eggs/ avocado/ tomato/ cheeses, vegan and normal milks, teas, and coffees. One meal will be made by your instructors and provided onboard. The meal will be a lighter vegan/ vegetarian homecooked mixture, like smoky avocado quinoa; a salad; and dips with bread. We'll eat the other meal at a beachside cafe or restaurant; you can expect local fish, vegetarian pasta, plenty of olives, and, if you like, you can purchase a local glass of wine or bottle of Cisk!

We totally respect different dietary choices, which is why we carefully plan a menu that offers varied carbohydrates, keeps nuts on the side, provides dairy alternatives, puts cheese on the side, etc. That's also why we decide to eat a meal at a restaurant, giving carnivores a chance to indulge! We'll ask for your dietary requirements in the Client Information Form.

What do I need to bring?

We provide a Welcome Basket containing a towel, tote bag, waterbottle, yoga mat, and souvenirs. We keep a small library on-board, plus grown-up coloring books and playing cards. Outside of those items, we recommend you bring the following: multiple swimsuits and sets of beach clothes; walking shoes (like trainers); a light hat to cover your face; your own snorkel, if you prefer it; a couple pairs of restaurant-friendly clothes; sunglasses; sunscreen; a pair of easy to slip-off flip-flops; and mosquito spray. We would love for you to bring your musical instrument or other hobby items to share with the group.




Will I get seasick?

We would be liars if we said that we didn't feel a bit queasy now and again. But we've yet to have someone vomit! As long as you stay above deck and avoid looking at computer and cell-phone screens, you'll most likely feel great. If things get too rough we're more than happy to stop. We stock crystallized ginger on board to help with upset bellies, just in case.

Do I share a bed with someone?

The boats have three private cabins with a double bed and two cabins with bunk beds. Our skipper sleeps above board. We fill the cabins based on booking. If the single cabins are purchased by individuals, couples, or friends, we then fill the bunk beds. If we do need to ask strangers to sleep together because they've booked a shared cabin and all we have left are double beds, then we will do our best to match individuals based on their Client Detail Information. We'll let you know if this is the case!

Is there WiFi?

While we do offer WiFi on-board, we ask attendees to be respectful of other guests who really want to disconnect. Like most yoga retreats, we're happy for you to catch a quick selfie (tagging us, of course!) and call your mom to tell her how much fun you're having. We also respect your need to stay on top of that big proposal you just submitted. To get the most from the retreat and your yoga companions, we recommend that you keep internet and mobile use to a minimum.





Book your Sailing + Yoga Retreat

Booking your space for the 2017 Sailing and Yoga Retreat is simple!

1) Choose your dates: July 8-14 or August 5-11

2) Choose your cabin type:

    - Shared cabin: 2,100 Euro per person.

    - Double cabin: 3,900 Euros per cabin.

    - Private cabin: 2,800 Euros per person.


3) Have a 30% deposit ready, or the full value.

4) Send Ritianne an email detailing your choices above (and any questions you have). We will reply with payment options: PayPal or Bank Transfer. We will also ask you to complete a Client Information Form. Her email is You can -cc, if you'd like!

5) Once payment is received, we'll send you a Welcome Packet with a retreat Travel Guide and a Client Information Form for you to complete and return. Namaste!



Ritianne Richardson


Emily Stewart