7 Week HotYoga Teacher Training Course February 2020


You’ve dreamed of one day taking a Yoga Teaching Training Course but the idea of taking a whole month off work and family seems like a fantasy? Then we got the course for you. During our part-time yoga teacher training you will be able to cover the same material as you would in a full-time TTC in your free time without having to leave your family or work behind.

Our part-time TTC is all about flexibility so if you have any concerns regarding the schedule let us know, we will work on finding you an alternative slot to make sure you don’t miss anything.

What to expect...

Our Part-time HotYoga Teaching Training Course (TTC) will be spread over 7 weeks starting 5th Feb’20 till 25th March ‘20 with 3 sessions a week . All sessions will be held at our newly opened studio in Mosta - HotYogaMalta Mosta .

Wednesday 6.30pm - 10.30pm

Saturday 9am - 2.30pm

Sunday 8am - 1.30pm

Each session will include....

90min or 60min HotYoga class.

You will be joining a scheduled group class and followed by one of the lectures as per the YTTC Schedule. If you are unable to attend one of the yoga sessions you can choose to attend another 90min HotYoga Class during the week instead. We encourage students to attend an average of 3 classes a week to familiarise themselves with the sequence from a student point of view.

Lectures on Anatomy ,Yoga Philosophy,Breathing Techniques and Yoga Business.
These informative lectures will be spread throughout the 7 weeks of the course on the weekends with Guest lecturers joining us in some of the sessions to discuss the respective topics thoroughly.

Posture Clinic.

During Posture Clinic we will be discussing each posture found in the HotYoga Set Sequence; learning the Sanskrit name, adjustments, benefits, limitations and what variations to offer for each pose depending on the individual’s needs.

Teaching Practice.

Be Prepared to teach in your first week! As you might have realised by now, to feel confident in any skill one needs to practice, practice and practice.. so that’s what we will be doing during these 7 weeks. Practice Teaching! You will therefore be required to learn the sequence leading up to the warm up (approximately the first 20min of the Set Sequence) and be prepared to teach it in your first week.

A dialogue will be provided to assist you with your cueing however it is not mandatory to use instead feel free to use your own voice to lead your students during your class.

What’s Required..

Prepare your Functional Anatomy.

Before the start of the course your functional anatomy notes will be sent to you so as to read through it. Come prepared for the course so as to make the most out of each session.

Successfully teach the HotYoga Set Sequence.

In Week 7 you will be assigned a 60min HotYoga group class (HotYoga Express) to teach to a group of students. There is no pass or fail just the experience of being able to share your passion with a group of like-minded people.

Be prepared for anything when teaching.

Once you step into a yoga room as a teacher you are responsible for the safety of each individual which is why we have added a CPR session during our TTC to provide you with the basic skills to assist incase of a sudden case of illness.

Course Fee

The total course fee for our internationally recognised Yoga Alliance Teacher Training is €1999 which can be paid in instalments.

HotYogaMalta Active members are eligible for 15% on the total course fee.

Our HotYoga TTC is open for all levels! Whether you've been practicing yoga for a few months or years the one thing we require is Motivation! Because being a great teacher is not about doing the perfect headstand but to be able to transmit your true passion for yoga to you students in a safe and professional environment.

If you have any further questions simply contact us anytime!

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