Breathing Techniques Workshop

By calming the breath one calms the mind and rest will follow ....

We have the pleasure of hosting a 2 hour workshop at our Mosta location on Saturday 7th September at 3pm focusing primarily on the varies breathing techniques commonly known as Pranayama in the yoga community.

The western world is finally embracing the benefits of yoga and an even greater deal of importance is being given to it’s breathing techniques in fact such techniques are being adopted in schools, offices and even rehabilitation centres.

Controlled breathing , Pranayama or as it is now know in the medical community-Cardiac Coherence Breathing' is about controlling inhalations or exhalations and at times even both to bring about a state of relaxation in the mind and the body.

During our 2 hour workshop we will go through the different types of breathing techniques performed in yoga:








The workshop is beneficial for anyone interested in adopting breathing techniques to create a more peaceful environment, could be in a yoga room, office or simply at you own home.

These technique are simply enough to be performed by anyone and knowing the science behind them makes them even more powerful.

Price 30euros

To booking kindly visit

Full Refund is given only if cancelled 48hours before.

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